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Modular Home Designs: Invest or Don't Invest?

December 5, 2017


Modular homes are not a new concept in Australia but it is often confused between a few terms we would normally come across including mobile homes, container homes or even manufactured homes. Modular-homes is the common term used, also known as system-built homes, prefabricated homes, factory-built homes and off-site construction. Similar to mobile homes, modular homes are also manufactured in factory but delivered in sections and assembled on a permanent foundation in their new locations.


Modular homes are “real estate” property thus appreciating in value like standard homes. A modular home gets delivered on frame with tires and axes, and once set on a permanent foundation, it cannot be move again, which is why it is considered a real property. Modular homes meet the same stringent Building Code of Australia, but also meet state and local council building code of practice, allowing one to place them in more communities or suburbs. A modular home has higher quality and standards as they are built with safety and efficiency in mind including higher performance in plumbing, heating, ventilation, thermal and electrical systems, and in many cases, they are even better because the components have to withstand the delivery process and before being put into place.


Similar to site-built homes, modular homes are available in custom designs and predesigns plan but offer many more advantages. You don’t lose out on flexibility by going with a modular home, thus when you are going through the design process, you can customize and add extra modules(rooms) with your designer. Often when a modular home design reaches construction documentation stage, modular construction begins off-site simultaneously which is why modular home designs saves more than the amount it costs to build a conventional. From the time the order is placed until a modular home is ready for occupancy in averages just one to three months unlike conventional home which takes anywhere from 9 months to more than a year to build. Earlier occupancy means increased of return on investment. The lower initial cost and energy efficiency of a modular home results in continuous savings with lower mortgage payments and lower utility bills which is why modular homes are good option to consider whether for a first home buyer, for new investors or for developers.


Modular homes are not restricted to sectional unit placement, modular concept are design approach that subdivides into smaller parts or so called modules that can be independently created and then used in different system. For instance, a kitchen, a bathroom or an underground basement could be the only prefabricated modules made from factory and transported on site and add onto the site-built homes. Unlike mobile homes, modular homes offer more attractiveness on exterior and interior finishes, many site features are added to the external of module homes onsite including entry porch, patio, decking, landscape and pools to like other on-site built homes.


If you are still renting, you need to start thinking, if you are still considering buying a house off the real estate to renovate, you need to start considering. Maybe you cannot get finance for a new home, which is why modular home designs are your option. With modular homes, sustainable living can be reality for young families or bigger household without straining on budgets.

Evadys Design is an architectural practice in North Melbourne with a team of experienced building designers specialised in different sector developments including residential, commercial, mix commercial and industrial, we have the ability to design modular buildings to match existing, surrounding architecture or design something completely custom. We are a team of dedicated professionals ready to work with you, your projects and realize your vision. If you have questions about designing a specific modular building or would like to inquire more information about modular construction.

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