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north melbourne, victoria


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Cyber Cafe pulling off a Futuristic Gaming Midnight Light Show

November 6, 2017


Genesis Sports Internet Cafe in Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne is a gaming centre where hardcore PC gaming fans can compete with professional-level equipment in vibrant environment. The strong futuristic concept G Sports with a recent make-over, features a cafe for both casual and serious gaming patrons with a viewing area where individuals can watch other computer games as they unfold, a relaxing room and a spacious smoking space with a view of Melbourne streetscape.


Our design team not only lifted the atmosphere but given the place a completely different layout. A lot of focus has gone into space management, in dividing the floor space, into designated areas that highlighted different use of the floor space, including the entry, reception area and gaming areas, so the patrons can easily get an overview of the space upon arrival. At the same time, the gaming areas have been allocated more space to accommodate up to fifty computer set-ups in 120 square meters. Our client has this retail outpost from the gaming computer manufacturer which are outfitted into our design to resemble the ultimate gaming experience. Featuring all black walls, professional gaming chairs to match the computer set-ups, the Genesis Sports Internet Cafe is not just an average place to get some work done.

The lighting throughout the store is the key focus resembling out of science-fiction movie, putting on a midnight lightshow – identical to motherboard case lighting, not just for decoration – they also ensures a comfortable ambience; on the wall and on the floor, and in different materials extended the atmosphere into the virtual setting of computer cases.

The use of two neon colours immediately brings out team player spirits for the serious gamers. At the same time, we have included meaningful details that allow our customers to feel comfortable and able to enjoy the virtual reality experiences when it comes to gaming arcade. Even the separation between gaming area and the toilet in the store has been thought about, with perforated panels hanging down from the open ceiling without the solidness of partition.

Not everyone is avid gamer but as soon as you step into G Sports, it is clear that visual aesthetic is the centre attraction of the play. You get the imagination that the internet cafe is likely designed for like minded gamers, projecting its gamers into the virtual gaming world and making those hours enjoyable.


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